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Love and Angel Light - a place where love and light abounds.


My name is Dorothy Maxwell Rowatt.   I have created this Ning website in order to share my interests in all things angels and Holistic Therapies with like-minded people.

You can find poems, articles, paintings and photos to do with angels and spiritual matters.  

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Blog Posts

Sometimes - by Dorothy Biagioni

Posted by Love and Angel Light (Dorothy M) on April 15, 2014 at 22:27 0 Comments

Sometimes.................... Sometimes, we jump to conclusions and make assumptions of another person

Sometimes, we have pre-conceived…

I was surprised in Lourdes - by Judith Toma

Posted by Judith Toma on April 15, 2014 at 17:48 9 Comments

When I arrived in Lourdes, there was an energy that both my friend and I felt . We were excited but did not think we would be touched.
We checked into our hotel, very old but charming and knew the procession would…

Radiant Heart Energy - by Owen Waters

Posted by Love and Angel Light (Dorothy M) on April 7, 2014 at 17:14 0 Comments

                                                           Photo by Eleanor E. Rowatt, 2010                                                            



CLOUDS by Liza Fox

Posted by Janet Marshall on March 27, 2014 at 9:26 3 Comments


Lying on my garden seat

Looking at the sky,

Making lots of pictures

As the clouds go slowly by.

Pictures that…


The Inspiration of Humanity - by Owen Waters

Posted by Love and Angel Light (Dorothy M) on March 18, 2014 at 23:30 6 Comments

The Inspiration of Humanity…


Posted by Glenyss Bourne on March 4, 2014 at 11:02 1 Comment

This message comes from the Angel of Rebirth and New Beginnings-“See every day as a Newly Birthed Miracle. A golden opportunity to express your True Nature."



Scanning the Future - by Owen Waters

Posted by Love and Angel Light (Dorothy M) on March 2, 2014 at 14:58 1 Comment

photo by Dorothy M Rowatt 



AN ANGEL BY MY SIDE - by Sue Bailey

Posted by Love and Angel Light (Dorothy M) on February 2, 2014 at 16:53 5 Comments

I have an angel that's by my side
on my shoulder she will ride
watching out for me night and day
chasing those demons far far away

A haze of white and wondrous light
A sparkling that shines so…



photo by Dorothy M Rowatt

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A place where Love and Angel Light abounds

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The Whispering Woodlands and The Light Worker's Way - by Dorothy M Rowatt



    The whispering woodlands
    Awoke Love in me.
    Whoever said
    It could never be?

    Those rays which reach
    My heart and subside
    Can comfort the thoughts
    Of all
    But those who hide

    From the One who walks
    In Heavenly places,
    And awaits on all
    To show His graces.

    No bounds are known
    To He who faces
    The ruler of the earth
    And all his disgraces.

    Walk on, Son of the One
    So great,
    And allow the work
    Never to abate.

    For the day draws near
    When all will see
    The sorrowful face
    Of their own destiny.

    But some will see
    And feel and know
    That Love can grow
    Wherever He may go.

    So, come Destiny
    Do not delay.
    The force of Christ
    Must make its way.

    By Dorothy M Rowatt (2003)

    Copyright © Dorothy M Rowatt
    You may share this poem as long as it is not altered in any way and that the author's name appears at the end of it.


    I would like to dedicate my poem to all Light Workers:

    Our roads entwine,
    We make our way.
    We wait upon
    The breaking day

    For His work, not yours,
    Or mine.

    We must only wait
    To see
    The reason for life's

    But no one walks the road
    For His hand, yours and mine
    Will lead us to where we

    Just wait awhile and
    You'll see the gifts.
    For if your eyes will seek,
    They'll surely find

    A wanderer
    Who needs your help
    And mine.

    By Dorothy Rowatt (2004)

    Copyright © Dorothy M Rowatt
    You may share this poem as long as it is not altered in any way and that the author's name appears at the end of it.




    The still and steely silence

    Drove my sleep away.

    No bumps, no bangs,
    No clunks, no clangs
    To tense my gut as in day.

    Fresh fields to roam
    Not far from home.

    A succulent mouse
    Or perhaps in someone's house
    Some mince left out on a tray.

    Be ever vigilant.
    The coast must be clear.
    What I do is not for a seer.

    My owner would shake
    And shout and create.

    I'm her lovely soft boy.
    When I'm near she knows joy.

    "But for Heaven's sake!
    What time can it be?

    No Pussie, not yet.
    Go back to your bed.

    It's only four;
    Too early to open the door.
    Okay, I can see
    There's no peace for me."

    So she let me go to roam,
    But she wants me back home
    By dawn.
    When she has her first cup of tea.
    By Dorothy Rowatt (2004)

    Copyright © Dorothy M Rowatt
    You may share this poem as long as it is not altered in any way and that the author's name appears at the end of it.



    by Jayne Meyers

    spark of divine flame breathed into form;

    creator and created

    of father-sky and mother-earth.

    I am that.  I am. 


    ocean, mountain, desert, forest

    strong as a tree trunk,

    light as a feather.

    that, too, I am.


    and raccoon and rabbit,

    owl and eagle,

    snake and dragonfly,

    tiger and lamb,

    I am that.  I am. 


    a-men-ket, she whom I was eons ago in egypt,

    the name meaning love and peace

    jeshua, st germain, isis, ariel, melchizedek, metatron,

    the christ within

    kundalini expanding, exploding,

    I am that.  I am.


    and thoth, plato, davinci and mozart,

    shakespeare, blake, vermeer

    the music of the spheres,

    I am that. I am.


    eternal fire made pure anew --

    the formless into form,

    the nameless and the named.


    and all of this, too, I am.

    I am that.  I AM.


    Jayne Meyers © 2008


    One of my poems I'd like to share with all of you - Feel free to forward as long as copyright info stays at end of poem.

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